Vermont Slate

Vermont Slate

These Vermont slates are quarried in the western portion of the state running just into Eastern New York State at the southern end of Lake Champlain. The slate belt is roughly 20 miles long by 2-3 miles wide.

It is available in either a natural cleft or honed finish.

The slates are highly resistant to staining and acids and therefore never need to be sealed.

Typical Uses Are:

Flooring, stair treads, risers, base, window sills, window stools, wall caps, copings, exterior panels & facia, countertops and backsplash. Also applicable for other uses; please inquire.

All of the colors are available: Unfading Red, Vermont Purple, Unfading Mottled, Unfading Green, Weathering Seagreen, Semi-weathering Vermont Grey/black, Unfading Strata Grey, and Unfading Flowering Green.

A.S.T.M. results are available.